Ted Endres

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Camera Operator at ICG: International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600)

Member SOC: Society of Camera Operators

HydroFlex Underwater Camera Expert

Hi, I'm Ted Endres

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Hi, my name is Ted. I am a Los Angeles, CA based cinematographer and camera operator who's eager to lens your next shoot. I am a union camera operator with Local 600 and a member of the SOC, Society of Camera Operators.

I am a graduate of the University of Miami's prodigious motion picture program. I graduated at the top of my class with a dual major in English Literature and Film Production (cinematography emphasis) and somehow managed to also find the time to earn a minor in art. I've worked on multiple features, shorts, commercials, music videos, and web series. I started my career as a camera assistant and worked my way up to focus puller, then camera operator, and eventually to director of photography. I am experienced with numerous camera formats including Panavision Millennium 35mm film cameras, Arri Alexa Mini LF, RED Ranger/Gemini/Komodo, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Sony Venice, F55/FX9/FX6, Canon C300/C500, and Panasonic Varicam/EVA-1/GH5. In fact, I've worked with just about every cinema camera from the Arri Alexa LF down to the Sony FX3.

As a camera assistant I learned how to operate, clean, download, build, and handle all sorts of modern digital cinema cameras and lenses. I love being engrossed in this modern technical movie making environment but I also know above all, story is king and regardless of the tools capturing your images, a DP must know how to craft the artistic and visual look of a film. I understand that my job in creating visuals is not to over shadow the story but to enhance it, shape the mood, and drive it forward.

I've had the great pleasure to work with and learn from some outstanding cinematographers including:

  • Shane Hurlbut
  • Gale Tattersall
  • Conrad W. Hall
  • Haskell Wexler

I just completed an ASC cinematography masterclass with:

  • Theo van de Sande
  • Lisa Wiegand
  • David Klein

Local 600 Union Mentor:

  • Mark La Bonge (Camera / Steadicam Operator)

Ted Endres with 2 time Oscar Winning Cinematographer Haskel Wexler.

"Amazing Job. Great Shooting."

- Haskell Wexler

I am a highly trained HydroFlex Underwater Camera expert. I just completed the underwater work on the Nicolas Cage movie "Between Worlds." Whether you are shooting near water, above water, or 200 feet below the surface, I can lend my technical support or training to assist with your water proof camera housing needs.

Outside of film, I enjoy snow skiing, water skiing, and was once a pretty decent tennis player.

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Demo Reel & Videos

I love camera movement, great composition, and cinematic lighting to assist the story.

Click Here to Watch on Vimeo.


I started as a camera assistant and worked my way up to camera operator, and eventually to DP.

Ted Endres IMDb

Director of Photography


Beta (Winner: Best Sci-Fi Film - KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival 2016) Dir. Layton Matthews
Soul Drought Dir. Dakota Lupo
Theatre of the Deranged II Dir. Eric Hollerbach
Hold On (2nd Unit DP) Dir. Tarek Tohme
My Funny Valentine (2nd Unit DP) Dir. John Bevilacqua

Shorts & Specials

Lunchtime is Over Dir. Bruce Nachsin
Nothing Personal Dir. Richard Tatum
Brief Dir. Brian Joseph Ochab
Last Call Dir. Richard Tatum
Approv-O Dir. Ron West
Sock Puppet Dir. Richard Tatum
I'm Right Here Dir. Christopher Soren Kelly
Debunken Mit Wilhelm Skeptisch Dir. Eric Hollerbach
Day at the Beach Dir. John Bevilacqua
Outspan Dir. Matthew Schwartz
Damien Shadows Private Investigator Dir. Edward E. Romero
Princess Ann Claire, Better Girl Dir. Ann Claire Van Shaick


Where the Bears Are - Season 7 (17 Episodes) Dir. Joe Dietl
Where the Bears Are - Season 6 (17 Episodes) Dir. Joe Dietl
Where the Bears Are - Season 5 (17 Episodes) Dir. Joe Dietl
Becky & Kate: Works in Progress (6 Episodes) Dir. Amy Heidish
Damien Shadows PI: Webisodes (3 Episodes) Dir. Eric Hollerbach
The Whiskey Girls (1 Episode) Dir. Amy Lyndon
All About April (2 Episodes) Dir. April Spry


American Express: Don't Make Art Without It Prod. Ben Poster
Subway: Seeing Subs (National) Prod. Ben Poster
AMI Network Dir. James KIcklighter
InstaCig (National) Dir. Tory Nelson
Protégé (Infomercial) Dir. Tory Nelson

Music Videos

Dalal "Head in the Clouds" Dir. Dalal Bruchmann
Dalal "Solitude" Dir. Tara Robinson
Dalal: Promo for Warner Classics Dir. Dalal Bruchmann
Josiah Hawley "Now It's Christmas" Dir. Tory Nelson
Ships Have Sailed "Midnight" Dir. James RW Hiatt

Camera Operator


Janet Jackson (Documentary) Dir. Benjamin Hirsch
Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History Dir. Chris Chapman
Always a Bridesmaid Dir. Trey Haley
The Sound of Identity Dir. James Kicklighter
Influence Dir. Trey Haley
The American Question Dir. James Kicklighter
Soul Drought Dir. Dakota Lupo
Hair Dir. Sasha Boudreaux

Shorts & Specials

Nikki Fre$h Dir. Chris Cottam
Andy Dick is Itsy Bitsy Prod. Micah Gallo
I'm Still a Person Dir. Paul Emerson
Another Round Prod. Damian L. Glover
The Waltons 40th Anniversary Reunion Special Prod. Kami Cotler
Get Your Luv On Prod. Dyan Cannon


The Misinvestigations of Romesh Ranganathan; Tupac Shakur: American Rapper Dir. Paul Taylor
Where the Bears Are - Season 4 (19 Episodes) Dir. Joe Dietl
Where the Bears Are - Season 3 (22 Episodes) Dir. Joe Dietl
The Valet - Season 2 (B-Cam Operator) (5 Episodes) Dir. Shawn Shekarchian
All About April (6 Episodes) Dir. April Spry
Rupp Late (Pilot) Dir. Jack Gorton

Music Videos

Ursa Major "Genesis" Dir. John Reedburg
Ursa Major "Cloud Nine" Dir. John Reedburg


Lays Potato Chip Commercial Dir. Chris Cottam
JumpSport Dir. John Berardo
FlavRx Dune Buggies Dir. Ryan Tillotson

Assistant Camera

Features & Series

The Social Dilemma (1st AC) Dir. Jeff Orlowski
MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (1st AC) Dir. Louise Malkinson
Catching Killers (1st AC) Dir. Ian Clark
The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist (1st AC) Dir. Miles Blayden-Ryall
Rich and Shameless (1st AC) Dir. Jules Hawkins
Body Cam (1st AC) Dir. Laura Thomson
Fight the Power How Hip Hop Changed the World (1st AC) Dir. Yemi Bamiro
Between Worlds (1st AC) Dir. Maria Pulera
Cassius X: Becoming Ali (1st AC) Dir. Muta'Ali Muhammad
Spoonful of Sugar (1st AC) Dir. Mercedes Bryce Morgan
Initiation (1st AC) Dir. John Berardo
Hold On (1st AC) Dir. Tarek Tohme
Itsy Bitsy (1st AC) Dir. Micah Gallo
Proof Sheet (1st AC) Dir. Richard Kilroy
Go Back to China (1st AC) Dir. Emily Ting
Warnings (1st AC) Dir. Demetrius Navarro
Harvest Season (1st AC) Dir. Hector Tinoco
Butterfly Confirmation (1st AC) Dir. Philippe Caland
Painkiller (1st AC) Dir. Berenika Bailey
Dognapped (1st AC) Dir. Berenika Bailey
My Funny Valentine (1st AC) Dir. John Bevilacqua
Fate (1st AC) Dir. Jonathan Baker

Shorts & Specials

The Josh Robert Thompson Show (1st AC) Dir. Kamell Allaway
Angel of Anywhere (1st AC) Dir. James Kicklighter
The Filth (1st AC) Dir. Jamie Holt
Fish Head (1st AC) Dir. Marcos Durian
Still Trying (1st AC) Dir. Nicole N. Nequinto
Phoenix (1st AC) Dir. Brian J. Lambert
Grounded (1st AC) Dir. Delmar Washington
Ditched (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
SketchShe Thrush: The Musical (1st AC) Dir. Shae-Lee Shackleford
We the Future (1st AC) Dir. James Kicklighter
Modern Slave (1st AC) Dir. Spencer Currie
The Assassin's Apprentice (1st AC) Dir. Russ Emanuel
Last Resort (1st AC) Dir. David Schneiderman
The Caregiver (1st AC) Dir. Cassius Corrigan
Meeting Matt Damon (1st AC) Dir. Frieda de Lackner
You and the Moth (1st AC) Dir. Geri Ulrey
CNN Race for the White House - Effects Unit (1st AC) Dir. Matthew Linnell
Broke A$$ Rich Kid (1st AC) Dir. Allen Landver
The Breakwater (1st AC) Dir. Matt Hingstman
Without You (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
Bite Night (1st AC) Dir. Magee Clegg
Running (1st AC) Dir. Renata Green-Gaber
Daily Itineraries (1st AC) Dir. Kamell Allaway
4th & California (1st AC) Dir. Dana Salah
The Fighter and the Kid 3d (1st AC) Dir. Mitch Rouse
The Hidden Ones (AC) Dir. David Beier
Dark Specter 2 (AC) Dir. Richard Tatum
Flash Me (AC) Dir. Danny Schramm
Chicken Suit (AC) Dir. AK Hottman
Glass People (AC) Dir. John Berardo
Fix (AC) Dir. Wanyu Zhao
Desert Sisters (AC) Dir. Jess Kaye
Victory in Jesus (AC) Dir. Shaun Duffy
Graffiti (2nd AC) Dir. Brett Gursky
The Astronaut (2nd AC) Dir. Kamell Allaway

Music Videos

Blueface "Bleed It" (1st AC) Dir. Cole Bennett
Molly Kruse "Ruby" (1st AC) Dir. Jamie Holt
Icon for Hire "Supposed To Be" (1st AC) Dir. Jamie Holt
Icon for Hire "Now You Know" (1st AC) Dir. Jamie Holt
Micayla De Ette "Hold On" (1st AC) Dir. Tarek Tohme
Hayley Kiyoko "Belle to Remember" (1st AC) Dir. Sakinah LeStage
Max and the Moon "Crazy" (1st AC) Dir. Kamell Allaway
Huntr "Veins" (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
Mr. G Sings "The Caged Bird Sings" (1st AC) Dir. Ryan Hendrickson
Atul "Emotions" (1st AC) Dir. James Kicklighter


IBM (1st AC) Dir. Ben Jendras
AT&T (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
Alcatel Mobile: Cricket Wireless (1st AC) Dir. Roy Tighe
Alcatel Mobile: Unlocked (1st AC) Dir. Roy Tighe
The Company Store "Come Home to Comfort" (1st AC) Dir. Brett Koehler
The Company Store "That's Mine" (1st AC) Dir. Brett Koehler
Elby Electric Bicycles (1st AC) Dir. Kristian Hill
Huggies (1st AC) Dir. David Beier
Serta (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
Rockwell Tools (1st AC) Dir. Adam Tyree
Let it Go Hypnosis (1st AC) Dir. Kamell Allaway
Ernst & Young (1st AC) Dir. Alex Casner
Caesars Entertainment Corp. (1st AC) Dir. James Kicklighter


Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

Subway Commercial
American Express Commercial
Ursa Mini Pro G2 Commercial Shoot
Steadicam Camera Operator
Milo Robotic Camera Feature Film
Camera Operator Feature Film
Andy Dick Film Shoot
Hair Feature Film
Ted Endres Arri Alexa Classic
DP / Camera Operator WTBA Season 3
Arri Alexa Classic Short Film
InstaCig: Firetruck Commercial
InstaCig: Firetruck Commercial
Ted Endres Red Epic Dragon
Missi Pyle WTBA Season 4
YouTube Space LA Green Screen Stage
Hydroflex Nicolas Cage Between Worlds

Equipment Available

Here are a few items that can be rented for a small kit fee.

Additional rental items can be found here: CameraRents.com


Send me a note, drop me a line. Let's discuss your next project.